Chariot Bike Trailer Review

chariot bike trailerThe first time that I saw a Chariot bike trailer, I was immediately fixated in it. This is because I saw these bike trailers as the only ones which would fit the needs of my kids for a long period of time. This makes it a very worthwhile purchase. One of the best things I love with Chariot carriers is its very spacious interior. One friend told me that her kids of three and six years old all fitted in the bike trailer together. Well, I am not very convinced that the bike trailer would last for six years. However, all of the kids are comfortable riding in them.

A Chariot stroller has a very large total weight limit. Most brands have a limit of up to 100 pounds. While the bike trailer feels very sturdy and durable, it is not very heavy. As a parent, I think it is necessary to have a lightweight bike trailer. The first thing that I ensure before buying bike trailers is its durability and longevity. I want to make sure that the bike trailer I am going to purchase can withstand bumps and turns. In addition, I do not want to feel like I am an ox pulling a cart when pulling those bike trailers.

chariot bike trailerA Chariot carriers also give you much flexibility. You can opt to ride two kids at the same time. The bike trailer has a five point harness, which makes it safe for children. In addition, the harness is very easy to click, both in and out. When you opt to ride two kids at the same time, you can use both left and right seat belts However, when you opt to ride a single child, you can actually re click the harness and position it in the middle part of the trailer. It is that easy.

There is an optional stroller kit which is great to buy. With the use of the stroller kit, you can easily keep the wheels while you are riding the bike. It is very easy for the wheels to lock and flip up into place. When reaching your destination, it is also very easy to flip down the trailer. Through this flexibility, you do not have to lock up both the bike and the trailer at the same time. In addition, you do not have to wake your sleeping child, or unleash the toddlers from the harness just to go in a grocery store. The convenience that a Chariot trailer offer is just enormous.

chariot bike trailersThe great thing about a Chariot bike trailer is that you can easily get online support for the product. To have a guide on how to assemble the bike trailer, you can refer to the steps posted on its website. To make it easier, there are even instructional videos on YouTube that you can check out. The suspension system of the bike trailer is very remarkable. As your weight changes, the suspension system can be adjusted. This would ensure smooth riding experience every single time. In fact, it is so comfortable that my kids often fall asleep in the bike trailers.


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