chariot cougar 1Cougar 1 is a one seater type of the most known child trailer among the chariot lineup. It creates a balance in the features of a CX flagship model and those of the cheetah model which is cheaper. It therefore creates a balance in the price and features with quality still being upheld. They are sleek in comparison to other trailers, because it has innovations that make it outstanding.

The chariot cougar 1 has a suspension that can be adjusted depending on how much a child weighs. Its interior is very comfortable for any child. There are air vents on the sides and also sun protection. These features ensure that that the interior is air conditioned and at the same time the child is protected from sun damage. There are 5 conversion kits that maximize its use. It also comes with a fold-up storage and quality features to enhance safety of the child .e.g. materials that are photo luminescent and reflective.

chariot cougar 1 trailerIts cover is a 2 in 1 with a quick clip making it easy to open and close silently without startling the child. It also has a tough reinforcement fabric making it suitable for all weather conditions. The child's visibility is clear due to the tinted windows. Extra room is created by an external middle frame for leg movement. The height is also well suited for all babies. The padded seats are removable and can be hand washed.

The weight capacity of the cougar 1 is about 34 kilograms. Its shoulder width is about 40cm and weighs 10.9 kilo grams. The sitting height is 67 centimeters and its door pass way is about 67 centimeters. The cougar 1 has dimensions of 118 by 67 by 107 centimeters, while folded; 107 by 61 by 28 centimeters. Its height is 85 centimeters (without the handle bars) and the handle bars 93 centimeters on the low side and 107centimeters on the high side. The wheels are aluminum spooked offering a very smooth ride of CAS (chariot adjustable suspension).

chariot cougar 1carrierThe chariot cougar 1 has been recommended for cycling, jogging, cross country or skiing whenever you want your child to tag along. It comes with its own jogging,cycling and strolling kit and all of them can be well tucked in the cougar.It can easily be converted from a bike to a jogger or even a stroller. Users have appreciated the product for its durability, its light weight, comfort, and how easy it is to set it up. However there have been complains on the minimal space, and it can only be used for one child as it is just a single seater.

This trailer is available in stores that deal in child stuff and even in some sports shops. Orders for this item can be done online from any of the stores where it's available. The cougar 1 can be shipped to customers in all states. They come in a great range of colors and graphics that are artistic to suit different tastes. The prices are favorable compared to other carriers having in mind that its quality is up to standards.The carrier is compatible with all child transport systems.