Cougar 2 Carrier: Affordable, Full-Featured, and Adaptable Child Carrier

chariot cougar 2The Cougar 2 is an affordable carrier system that can carry two children letting their parents or caregivers the potential to bicycle, job, stroll, and cross country ski. This is possible as the chariot Cougar 2 is equipped with full-fledged chassis system compatible with conversion kits - sold separately.

In addition, Cougar 2 connection bracket not only easily connects various types of conversion kit attachments, but for its passenger comfort gives you the option to control the suspension.

chariot cougarThis trailer is perfect blends value with features, making it one of the most popular models in the market, right now! With padded seats, climate control ventilation system, and the Chariot adjustable suspension (CAS) assures your child's is always comfortable.

Right now, the Cougar 2 is priced $628.25 and comes along with free shipping. If you buy it from Amazon, you'll save $56.70 - a whopping 8% discount. Click here to buy the Chariot Cougar 2, now!

Be Adventurous!

Don't worry not keeping up with your running schedule. Chariot Cougar makes it all possible. Simply tie the Chariot Cougar 2 child carrier to your bicycle trailer using the attached conversion kit and you're done. With the Cougar 2 child career, you never have to miss another great outdoor activity - jogging, bicycling, hiking, and cross-country race - again!

Ultimate Safety and Comfort for Your Child!

chariot cougar 2For ultimate child safety and comfort, the Cougar 2 child carrier is padded with a harness system. You can reach the child compartment easily and silently, without waking up your child, through the Cougar 2's deluxe 2-in-1 weather cover.

Similarly, the external mid-frame gives more room for your child's legs and lower step-in height. The Cougar 2 offers superior visibility for your child with big tinted windows. To improve the air flow, the Cougar 2 also has closable backed side air vents.

Unlike its previous version, this trailer is equipped with enlarge and widened child cockpit. While the front cover provides shade from the scorching sun. The padded bottom and back seat and they are both removable and hand-washable.

If you carry your wallet, mobiles, or keys while jogging with your child, the good news is that you don't have to carry them around you backpack, anymore. Simply throw them in the rear wallet, or key, or phone pocket. If you decide to bring anything else, make sure to stash them inside the large rear storage bag.

chariot cougar 2 trailerDon't worry about the pot holes you see on the roads. The Cougar 2 adjustable suspension system will ensure that your child gets a smooth ride.

The Cougar 2 got 7 reviews, and all of the reviewers gave it a "5-star" rating. Just read below what most of the consumers had to say about the Cougar 2 chariot system.

The Pros

"We highly recommend Cougar 2 carrier that comes along with stroller wheel and bike attachments. If you have two children and you are someone who loves outdoor activities, Cougar 2 is for you."

"Cougar 2 is so easy to install. Just read the manual and set it up within minutes."

"This child carrier is adaptable, affordable, and versatile."

If you're convinced that your child will enjoy the ride with you in the Cougar 2 Carrier, then don't hesitate to click here to purchase the Chariot Cougar 2, today!

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