Should You Buy The Chariot CX2?

chariot cx2If you are an active parent and your children share your interests, or you just want to have an adventure with them, you may want to consider getting the Chariot CX2 bike child trailer. The CX2 is Chariot's flagship carrier- and with good reason. It is jam-packed with features that ensure comfort and safety such as extra leg room, ergonomic handles, a 5-point harness, ample padding, wider cockpit and 2-in-1 weather cover, for starters. If you buy this bike child trailer, you may just get to enjoy big adventures and bring the little ones with you while doing so. Here's a CX2 review to explain things in detail.

Optimum Comfort

chariot cx 2The Chariot CX2 features a five-point harness which is more comfortable. The lower seat and the seat back, as well as the harnessed are padded. The interiors are fleece-lined. If those would not make your child comfortable even in places and situations where nature is not exactly friendly, few things will. The side panels are made of mesh material for better ventilation.

More Leg Room

The upgraded front frames now give extra leg room for your children, not to mention that smaller children can now get into the trailer easily because of the lower step-in height. The cockpit area is also wider.

Better Protection

There is also a two-in-one weather cover for ultimate flexibility with the Quickclip feature that allows for silent and easy access to the child compartment. This weather cover comes with ultra-tough reinforcement fabric coated with waterproof durable polyurethane for optimum weather protection. It comes with front sun shade too. The larger poly-urethane windows also results to better child visibility.

Safe and Sound

The CX2 features photoluminescent Energlo fabric that gives 360 degree visibility. There is also added reflective material (3M Scotchlite). There are hand lever drum brakes and a parking brake for additional safety. There is also the feature that Chariot is most known for - the adjustable suspension feature that allows manual configuration for better shock absorption, which you can do without a tool. What's best is that it meets and even exceeds ASTM standards.

Easy to Use

There is a five position reversible handlebar which has a removable brake lever that would make operation and handling easier. The unit comes with a handlebar bag that may also be used as a child backpack. There is also a folding rear storage bag and pockets for your keys, phone or wallet. Plus when the CX2 is not in use, you may use built-in brackets to store the jogging or cycling arms on the sides.


Most CX2 reviews mention the following as the reason why it would make a great buy:

- It is pretty easy to configure; you can easily set it up with strolling, jogging, biking and even skiing kits. - The tuneable suspension can cinch the deal, considering how it gives better shock absorption and lets you adjust the settings to your needs. - It comes with lots of attachments and accessories. - The CX2 is also known for good mileage. You can use it for a thousand miles' worth of walks and biking and it would still work great. - Some of the materials used are breathable, so it is ideal for regions and settings where it can get hot (i.e. summer walks). - You can bring it anywhere.


This is one of the very few bike child trailers that have exceeded users' expectations so there are only a few cons, the most common of which is its price; it is rather expensive. It is also big, but if you buy a travel bag, it would be easier to carry it around.

Where To Get It

You can buy it in various local retail stores - but you can also order it online. It is available at some online shops such as It comes in two unique colors - copper and burgundy.